Scanning Photo Albums & Scrapbooks

Albums and scrapbooks are often among a family’s most treasured possessions; marking important events, as well as providing insights to earlier times. Sharing this legacy is sometimes as easy as removing each photo, scanning and replacing it.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where the collections of photographs and memorabilia have been glued together more or less permanently. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was fashionable to use permanent adhesives. In the 1970s and 1980s the rage was “magnetic” albums, with an acidic adhesive that eventually migrates to the image surface, causing permanent damage. Even plastic sleeves, often the preferred method, may stick to photo surfaces making removal difficult.

There are several methods of removal, but the possibility of damage, as well as the desire to preserve any descriptive writing on the page, can make this questionable. In those cases, it’s better to scan the entire page, preserving the integrity of the original, while gaining the advantage of a digital file.

We use a special scanner that allows high resolution scans of the entire page, allowing individual images to be cropped from the page with editing software, producing an image that can be digitally printed. Of course, scanning the entire page also preserves any handwritten notes, as well.

When you intend to attempt removal, it’s always a good idea to begin the process with a high quality scan, in case of accidental damage. Of course, we’re also happy to help restore damaged photos, but it’s far more economical to scan before damage occurs.