VHS to DVD Conversion

The VHS tape has been replaced some years ago, but many of us still have large collections of them.
The problem is that they don’t last forever, and over time, they become unplayable. Ideally, they last the intended
10 to 25 years, but they do wear out and sometimes break. Even if they do last the full expected life, there is noticeable deterioration happening gradually, caused by humidity, heat, and just plain use.
That doesn’t even address the storage problems.

There is a safe and economical alternative to that pile of old cassettes. The best way to keep your home movies and other keepsakes is to digitize them and keep them on DVDs or thumb drives, which are more stable and easier to store. The DVDs from Preservation Scans can be custom titled, making them even easier to store and sort. They’ll last as long as you own them, and can be played on many devices, including DVD players, computers, and digital projectors.
We can also perform custom editing, such as combining or deleting footage, or resequencing; ask for a quote. Please note that all transfers are for non-commercial work.


Manual editing and color correction
Enhanced picture quality
Custom editing services available
 Includes 1 DVD and free digital download; Extra DVDs and other output options are listed below.

Great pricing:

1 to 5 tapes:      $14.99 each
6 to 1o tapes:      $12.99 each
11 or more tapes:       $9.99 each



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Add-on Output Options: