Shipping Recommendations

  • Send via UPS.
    We use and recommend UPS for shipping, as having the best record for safety and reliability. Please use any carrier you like, but UPS would be our first choice. Once you take your package to a UPS facility, it is immediately tracked throughout the process. Insurance is included for the first $100 of value, and it’s inexpensive for higher amounts. As soon as we receive your package, we’ll send you a confirming e-mail. To find the UPS location most convenient to you, here is a UPS LOCATOR. Or, if you prefer, you may request pick up fro your home or office.
  • Always use a sturdy box.
    Padded envelopes and light cardboard mailers don’t offer protection against folding and other damage. A double-walled box is best, but any box sturdy enough to use for books is fine.
  • Print extra copies of your shipping label.
    We recommend printing a copy of your shipping place inside your box, in case the outside label gets damaged. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy for your records.
  • Fill the box completely.
    Protect each surface of your materials by filling the remaining space with bubble wrap or cardboard. We recommend avoiding foam peanuts, as they can create excessive dust. If you’re short on packing materials, crumpled up sheets of newspaper can be used.
  • Include any instructions.
    Let us know of any sorting, labeling, or handling requirements. Grouped images can be scanned as sets; just let us know, and separate them, using plastic bags. We recommend reusable freezer bags; especially if you need to write on them.We will remove negatives from sleeves, and replace them in the same order. Slides should be placed in plastic or cardboard containers, and then placed in a plastic bag, to avoid damage by moisture. Paper prints should be wrapped with a piece of stiff cardboard, and wrapped in a plastic bag.
  • If your shipment contains materials that are part of an order that’s been paid, please reference the order number.